Our Story

Across the miles


When the founder moved from her hometown in Southern California, to the east coast, the one thing she missed most in life was her sister.  Being so far away, she cherished her daily phone call to get life’s news and see what family was up to. This daily ritual always came with the frustrating task of untangling her headphones every time she wanted to jump on a call. 

After countless hours of untangling, she thought of an inventive way to end the frustration and finally live in peace with her headphones.  She imagined, if there were a covering or skin that would fit over the headphone wire, it would end her daily wrestling match with her tangled mess of cords. She shared the idea with her sister and they cleverly thought of the name Cordskinz.  Since that day, she joined forces with the love of her life and together they began the awesome journey of Cordskinz and showing others how to "Live the Untangled Life."