Our Story

Across the miles


When the founder and inventor of Cordskinz moved from her Southern California home to the east coast, one of the things she cherished most, were daily calls to her sister. 

Untangling messy headphones was the ritual before every call, until one day, she told her sister, "I'm going to invent something to keep these cords untangled." She imagined a covering or skin that would fit snuggly over the headphone wire to bring a simple end to her frustration. They called them Cordskinz because the they fit like a glove or "skin." 

Realizing people needed a way to "skin" Cordskinz onto their headphones, she and her husband invented the "Skinner" applicator tool and the dream was born. They discovered that using the Skinner tool was fun! It gave people the ability to mix and match different colors easily and create their own style.

Now that her daily wresting match with tangled headphones is over, she and the love of her life are enjoying the awesome journey of bringing Cordskinz to the world and showing others how to "Live the Untangled Life."