A skin that's lightweight, flexible, protects cords, and gives you a tangle-free experience every time.

1 Color - Black 1 Color - Red 1 Color - Ice Blue 1 Color - Glitter Pink 1 Color - White

Brand new

1 Color Collection

No more pulling tangled cords out of your pocket or bag. With Cordskinz you can accessorize your look, protect your headphones and enjoy a tangle-free experience - every time.

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2 Color - Glitter Pink & Lavender 2 Color - Neon Yellow & Sky Bue 2 Color - Sky Blue & Black 2 Color - Ice Blue & Black 2 Color - Sky Blue & White

Brand new

2 Color Collection

Create your unique style and Live Untangled. Flexible, lightweight and fashionable, Cordskinz will lighten your load and simplify your life as you jog, bike, climb or play.

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Cordskinz fits the top "Y" portion of round-wire headphones.

*Headphones not included*

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